Sommartravet Trailer 2016

Trailer for Sommartravet

Monster Backe

German TVC with a happy little monster

Beeline – Ninja Family

Commercials featuring a family of Russian ninjas.

Bull Stampede BTS

How to create a bull stampede in an ordinary livingroom.

E Wie Einfach – “Is doch gans isi”

When was the last time you met a goose in your kitchen?

V75 Trailer 2015

Trotting has been a big sport in Sweden ever since the 1920s


Three mischievous fruits show us just how refreshing an icecream can be on a hot summer day.

Volkswagen “Leasing”

Full CG cat in commercial for Volkswagen

Highland Spring

A lawn springs to life in this commercial, made together with our friends at Th1ng.


This zebra works as an optician. And he's really passionate about it.

Sallos – “The Wedding”

In this TVC for Sallos a cute racoon attends a wedding but turns out to be more than just cute.

Trygg Hansa

This TVC for Swedish insurance company Trygg Hansa features small guardian angels who help customers when needed. Fido created the gloria and wings.


TVC for cat food specially designed for castrated cats.

Suzuki 4X4

This TVC for Suzuki was shot entirely in a studio and all the alpine settings and winter magic were added in post.

K-rauta – Jarmo & Arja

Finnish hardware chain K-rauta’s spokesperson Jarmo sings about the benefits of K-rauta

Mowi Salmon

The Norwegian Mowi salmon is regarded as the most exclusive and delicious salmon in the world.

Dell – The Velocity Project

In this film you can see how Caterham F1 Team used Dell computer technology to improve their results.

Ti – Erfrischungstee

Two hikers encounter a deer by a picturesque creek.

Gelbe Seiten

A series of TVC’s for Germany’s Yellow Pages with an iconic yellow hand in a variety of situations and locations.

Road To Elitloppet

This trailer for the Swedish national trotting race “Elitloppet” used Fido’s digital trotting horse in new innovative settings.


Jalas shoe Commercials

Parken Zoo

Commercial for a Dinosaur Expo at “Parken Zoo”


A group of squirrels gets together to deliver some mineral water in this commercial for Erikli.

Fishermans Friend – Spearmint

A series of bumpers and spots for new flavours of Fisherman’s Friend.

Kanal75 – Vinjett

These bumpers for a TV-show about trotting demanded photorealistic horses running at full speed, both in real time and extreme slow motion.

World Of Warplanes

Explosive teaser trailer for the international launch of the online game World of Warplanes.

Hemfrid – Tusse

August 20, 2013


A young boy is abducted by curious aliens

Freia Chocolate

A group of grazing cows gets disturbed by a hailstorm of nuts

Tuc – So Sweet

A sweet little bunny doesn't want to be sweet anymore, and tells his shrink that 'it’s a curse to be sweet'. Luckily he soon finds comfort in the salty TUC-crackers.


Naturskyddsföreningen wanted to make a film with their symbol animal - the graceful Peregrine Falcon

Roygalan – Folkets Pris

September 21, 2012

Kon Tiki

Epic Norwegian feature about the great explorer Thor Heyerdahl and his legendary crossing of the Pacific on a balsa wood raft

Prior Eggs

Character design and execution of series of commercials for Prior eggs.

Attack The Block

Fido created around 100 FX shots for Joe Cornish’s celebrated debut film

Corny – Bizarre In A Bar

A character that would fit the title of the film: “Bizarre in a bar“ and himself fit inside a chocolate bar.


Commercial for CosmosDirekt featuring the agile and flexible piggybank Flexi.


Crowd simulation done with in-house developed software. 40.000 chickens.

Underworld Awakening

Advanced transformations and digital makeup for a fierce battle scene in the fourth film in the successful Underworld saga


Fido designed and produced the animatronic costume and fully CG replica of a benevolent yeti-like character from Tibet.


Swedish chef Jeppe Åkermyr shares his wisdom in a series of films for frozen food brand Findus.

O2 – Magic & Kung Fu

January 24, 2012


A 115 seconds long film depicting the advantages of being a giant

Nuts – Trio

This young man was born with his father’s hands, nothing strange about that


Commercial for Funlight, involving CG water.


September 4, 2011

Toy Parade

Every swede is very much familiar with the film that inspired this commercial for a battery recycling campaign in 2008


One of the most popular species from Fido’s digital zoo is the common Scandinavian squirrel


Viral for the energy drink ”V” with a daredevil blob stunt. Is it CG or isn't it? We won't tell you.


Commercial for the search engine Kayak needed a sequel and Fido stepped in to rework the octopus so that he could speak


One of many films we've done for SB12

Treo Birds

A sudden and splitting headache in the shape of annoying little red birds

Tine Kuer

Local milk is better milk! We get to meet local cows (and their friends) from all over Norway

Nokia Tattoo

Every time we work with Roenberg, we end up being part of something truly unique

Gröna Lund – Kvasten

May 23, 2011

Gröna Lund -Twister

In 2011 we did this retro style film showcasing Gröna Lunds new wooden rollercoaster Twister

Flying Monsters 3D

Stereoscopic IMAX production for Sky with David Attenborough.

Nsb – Christmas Campaign

The magic atmosphere of Christmas on the train. Several CG animals and an all CG end shot.

Pedras Coretjo

April 20, 2011

Rapelli Hambolino

A friendly little dragon shaded in toon style helps German mother with her cooking in this commercial for Rapelli Hambolino.


A blue winged butterfly flies gently in a perfect Swedish summer day in this commercial for Lätta Margarine

Tmn – Tin Soldier

January 23, 2011

Tmn – Chokoman

January 23, 2011

Sixx – Walking Hen

Walk cycle from one of many bumpers and trailers with a character we created for German broadcaster Sixx.

Tmn – Rein

January 23, 2011


Commercial for Finish mobile company Fonecta. We created the CG world sequence including a digital version of F1-icon Heikki Kovalainen.


A group of young boys build an unexpected detour for a commuter train

Coca Cola – Kurt Die Kiste

Fido created the jolly character Kurt the Crate for a series of Coca Cola commercials in Germany

Ahlgrens Bilar

Movie trailer telling the story of an unknown threat chasing our heroes: the hand that will eventually eat them.

Pedras Factory

The first two commercials in a series of films for Pedras Salgadas. 

Hotel Gyllene Knorren

Full CG piglet character for Swedish feature film.

Distric Heating

Tame Lynx are not available. The choice was to go for a 2½D solution using still images of stuffed animals.

Polar Bread

Commercial with realistic CG animals.


A technical breakdown of a 90 second long animated 3D comic book sequence we did for “Kick-Ass”

Pedras Sabores

A summer campaign for Pedras Mineral Water called for an animated song-and- dance act

Sfa Safety

We created a long series of short films for this Swiss client.

Djarum – Super Soccer

Commercial for World Cup sponsorship 2010. CG leopard, hippo and zebras. Puppet ostrich and animatronic giraffe.

Bbs Payment Services

Electronic payment services illustrated with dino-sheep acting as money


Feature film depicting the story of a sami rebellion in Kautokeino in 1852

Håkan Bråkan

Sweden’s first realistic CG character in a feature film,140 shots and approx. 8 minutes screentime. Director: Erik Leijonborg